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Fast Hosting

All our hosting plans are powered by SSD, and we ensure that you get the best service with a fast turnaround time.

Hybrid Hosting

We take a single dedicated server and segment it into different separate virtual servers for the users.

Windows Hosting

For websites built with ASP.NET, we offer fast web hosting using MS SQL servers at reasonable rates.

Managed VPS

To provide a hands-off approach, we offer managed VPS hosting. While you use the site freely, we take care of all the technicalities.

Unmanaged VPS

For clients who know how to manage a web server, we offer Unmanaged VPS that grants clients full control.

Dedicated Server

To provide the users with full access to configure the server, we provide dedicated servers as they are completely isolated from each other.

We Offer Various Types of Web Hosting

When it comes to hosting, different variants include shared hosting, managed hosting, and VPS hosting. Depending upon your requirements and the level of the website, hosting experts at The Website Rush . choose the right hosting type for you.

Domain Name Acquisition

Hiring professional domain service providers to host your website on a safe and stable platform is essential. Whether you need to purchase a new domain or use an already purchased domain for your web hosting, The Website Rush has got you all covered.

We Are An
Web Hosting Company

We Have Hosted Over Half a Million Websites

To make your website get its position on the internet, you need a website hosting service to store your content online, also making it available to the audiences online. The Website Rush offers web hosting by professional web hosts that help post and maintain your web page online. To date, we have hosted more than half a million websites.